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Cannabis production is a very sensitive venture which is why we have every aspect set out before undertaking on it, growing Cannabis takes two to four months depending on the strain but these months is not like keeping a gold bar and selling it after two or four months, it is more like a hen laying eggs and steadfastly sitting on them every moment protecting and warming those eggs till they hatch. In the case of your Cannabis investment with eCann Cannabis, first we source high quality Cannabis seedlings, plant it in the nursery, then we transplant it unto our various slots, we use Organic fertilizers and other advanced technologies throughout our production facilities to ensure high quality and safe for consumption yield, aside from mechanized cultivation, every other thing from pruning to weeding is manually done by our team of expert Cannabis growers. We also maintain a 2/4/7 workforce to ensure close monitoring throughout the farming process.

Your Investment

Your investment is so important to us and we take all the adequate measures in order for you to have a great achievable experience investing with us. As a regular investor, when you invest, depending on your budget, we would assign a canopy space and raise a Cannabis farm on your behalf, note we already got a 15 years lease on the landed property that we are using so we don’t charge you differently on that, all the expenditure needed to see to the whole process of planting and harvesting your Cannabis is covered in the budget so no matter the budget you chose, there will be no additional fees.

Your Return

Given that Cannabis production takes two to four months as a result of the period between cultivation and harvest, your investment return would be in about two to 4 months time after your investment depending on the strain you invest in. During this period, we make a judicious use of your investment to cultivate and raise your Cannabis plants, after the Cannabis plant must have reached maturity, we will harvest it, market it and send your investment return which is determined by the percentage return of the strain you cultivated, meanwhile we allow investors to receive their crop profit values every week which they decide if to withdraw or live till harvest period, this weekly crop profit value is accumulated weekly based on the strains return percentage.

(Our Investment Ranges from $200) We work hard in carrying every interested persons along and that is why we have introduced an IN-SHARE partnership. There is available portfolio that enables interested investors with amounts lower than the minimum investment to invest (This operation is managed manually by our team of experts in investment department.) You can request a quote via (

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